What does an English style interior look like?


The period of formation of the English style spans several centuries, starting from the 18th century. As an independent direction in interior design, it was formed only under Queen Victoria in the 19th century. In the modern world, decorating a room in the English style has not lost its relevance and is still actively used when creating the interior of an apartment, country house, and expensive offices.

English style in the interior
The main criteria for this direction are comfort, practicality, and good quality. Interior items that meet the requirements of this style are distinguished by a special design, somewhat reminiscent of the lush French and Mediterranean designs. Often, fragments of room decoration have external heaviness; they can be massive and solid. In general, furniture and decorative compositions created in the English style are distinguished by comfort and solidity.

English style design contains the following elements:

· the indispensable presence of upholstered furniture, including lush armchairs, sofas, voluminous chairs with large cushions and backrests decorated with soft finishing;

· the central place in the interior is occupied by a large fireplace;

· active use of wooden fragments, including from valuable species, for example, black, oak, elm, ash, walnut, mahogany;

· the color of the fabric is dominated by reddish, pastel, light blue, dark blue tones, stripes and checkered patterns, and floral designs are used;

· the furnishings are full of decorative elements, including original lighting fixtures, vases, souvenirs, and colonial trinkets.

The formation of the style was significantly influenced by previous movements, including Baroque and Rococo. In the initial period of the emergence and formation of the style, these design schools dominated in Europe, including Britain.

Already during the time of Queen Victoria, the direction finally took shape in the form in which we are accustomed to seeing it today. The English style in the interior does not leave room for saving large amounts of free space. Coziness in the British mind is associated with dense filling of rooms with functional and decorative elements.

If this is furniture, then it is usually soft, made of natural wood, with checkered or floral upholstery and rounded practical corners. The same can be said about other interior solutions made in the English style.


English style in modern interior solutions
In our world and era, this trend has brought functionality, pragmatism, and convenience in everything, including communication and relaxation. The English-style house has an optimal layout of residential and utilitarian premises. They are easy to access and move at any time and under any conditions.

Often rooms in a house do not have interior doors, or they are replaced by light glazed structures. A durable oak door is a must in the owners' office and bedroom.

The premises, as a rule, are modest in size, but the interior is comfortable and does not create discomfort. The arrangement of the furniture allows both the inhabitants of the house and the guests to gather around one table. The floor of the room is decorated with a carpet or animal skin.

In the English style, furniture compositions trimmed with colored genuine leather are often used. Traditional wood is used as the basis of the frame. Lighting fixtures are often designed in a decorative manner, for example, in keeping with a maritime theme or colonial tradition.

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