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Properly designed restaurant interior design is one of the main components of success. Guests of the restaurant come not only to have a snack, but also to spend time in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. There are several most popular styles that are used in interior design. All of them are aimed at solving a common problem and help create a cozy and inviting environment.

Classic style in design
This trend enjoys constant popularity and does not go out of fashion for many years. The design of a restaurant in a classic style involves the use of restrained colors. Only natural materials are used in the design. Other features include:

1. Abundance of light and space. The classic style is suitable for decorating large restaurants.

2. Thick curtains with draperies are used to decorate windows.

3. Abundant use of decorative elements. Shades of gold and bronze, bright picturesque panels, and large mirrors predominate.

4. An integral element of the classic style are decorative candlesticks.

5. The interior is dominated by shades of brown, beige and pastel colors.

6. The central element of lighting is a large chandelier installed in the center of the hall.

Restaurant in Art Nouveau style
This design direction combines features of several styles and is characterized by a lack of symmetry and a large number of decorative elements. Designing a restaurant in Art Nouveau style implies:

1. The presence of dim lighting. Several lamps or small luminaires are used as light sources. They should not give off too bright light.

2. The presence of smooth forms. Due to this, the atmosphere becomes cozy and comfortable.

The color scheme is restrained. Art Nouveau is not characterized by sharp contrasts and bright accents in design.

Restaurant decoration in Provence style
This direction is distinguished by its simplicity and elegance of furnishings. To create the interior, a calm color scheme is used, including soothing shades of blue, green and brown. One of the distinctive features is the use of only natural materials. Select simple wooden furniture, decorative elements, napkins and textile tablecloths.

To create a feeling of comfort and spaciousness, there should be a lot of light in the room. Therefore, the windows in a restaurant project in this style should be as open as possible or decorated with light curtains that let in the sun's rays.

Features of restaurant interior design
Regardless of what style was chosen to create the interior environment, it is important to follow several rules that will make your guests’ stay comfortable:

1. Having a general concept of style. It is necessary to consider the correspondence between the theme of the restaurant and the design of the interior premises.

2. Rational use of space. Furniture should be arranged in such a way that visitors and staff can move freely between tables.

3. Also, when creating the interior of a restaurant, do not forget about the need to comply with sanitary standards. This is especially true for the design of the kitchen and bar counter.

To take into account all the nuances and choose the best option for restaurant interior design, you should use the services of a specialist. A professional designer will help you choose the appropriate style and furnish the room in accordance with the concept of the establishment.

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