Living room design: choice of style and features


The central room in any house or large apartment is the living room. This determines both the features of its design and the order of formation of the internal space. The design of the living room should correspond to the overall style of the house and not stand out from the other rooms. It should be remembered that the general impression of the apartment is created from the perception of two main rooms - the living room and the hallway. There are various living room design styles that are used these days.

Loft style in the living room interior
One of the most controversial and original living room interior styles. Characterized by the following features:

1. An abundance of deliberately rough and overt texture. Uncovered brick or concrete walls, industrial beams under the ceiling, and open communications are welcome.

2. The presence of large windows, free of curtains and tulle. It is acceptable to use stylized blinds or metal grilles.

3. Abundance of free space. Zoning is used as a dividing element; most of the rooms are combined: for example, the design of a kitchen-living room in a loft style must be correctly selected taking into account the available space. Photos of the kitchen-living room in the design of this direction are especially popular.

4. The issue of artificial lighting is solved with the help of industrial lighting devices, and tiles, wooden boards, and parquet are used as flooring.

Living room in modern style
The most common option for decorating a living room interior. It is distinguished by the use of the following techniques:

1. Functionality prevails over decorativeness. A minimum of elaborate details and floral patterns, everything is subordinated to a pragmatic component.

2. An abundance of light colors. The most common shade in the living room interior is beige in various combinations. The same rule applies to pieces of furniture.

3. The principle of minimalism is observed. Free space is a necessary feature of modern style. In the photo, the living room design looks airy and free from all unnecessary things.

4. Decor that matches the stylistic design is used. There shouldn't be a lot of it, and it should be functional. You can use a wall mirror as a sample.

Art Deco style
Another example of an original interior. Nowadays, it is most often used to decorate the homes of creative and public people. Stands out with the following features:

1. Replete with the presence of decorative elements and finishing on the verge of a challenge. At the same time, this is a rather organic and original style. Interior items are distinguished by the complexity of their shapes and the presence of decor.

2. The color scheme is based on contrast. The main background can be light or dark chocolate, but it must be contrasting. Bright details are used as background inclusions.

3. There is an abundance of glass, glossy surfaces, and complex decorative elements.

4. Ethnic and historical patterns are used, for example, an antique pattern, an African mask, the skin of an exotic animal. Photos of the living room, the design of which is made in the art deco style, are distinguished by their brightness and originality

Living room in minimalist style
Another modern trend often used in living room interiors. Close to modern style, but has some differences. The main features are:

1. Clear zoning of the living room space.

2. Restrained colors, kept in light colors.

3. The minimum required set of furniture is present. Colors range from white to gray or light wood shades.

4. There should be few accessories and decorations. They should not be pretentious, complex, or bright.

5. The design of the living room must be strictly proportional.

The best interior option is the one that the owners will like and will make their stay comfortable.

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