Interior layout and cafe design


Currently, the following approach predominates in the design of interior spaces. aesthetic function. A competent approach to choosing the style and layout will make the room attractive to visitors. The design of the cafe should be made taking into account the area and specifics of the establishment.

Features of cafe interior design
The color scheme, stylistic decision, amount of decor and accessories depends not only on the wishes of the owner, but also on the format of the establishment:

1. For a sports cafe, one of the central elements is a large TV on which visitors can watch matches. It is necessary to provide such an arrangement of tables so that the screen is clearly visible from any point. You can use sports symbols in the interior of the cafe. It is also worth providing a quiet area where visitors can calmly communicate.

2. A children's cafe should be spacious and bright. It is very important to ensure safety: hide sockets and cords, install furniture without sharp corners. For decoration it is worth using bright, but at the same time practical and easy to clean materials.

3. When designing a cafe-restaurant, it is necessary to take into account that customers come not only to have lunch or dinner, but also to spend time in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. The interior design of a cafe should create a feeling of comfort. To do this, you should use upholstered furniture and dim lighting. The color scheme is chosen from warm, soothing shades.

4. When choosing a style for arranging a cafe-dining room, preference is most often given to minimalism. At the same time, we must not forget about the comfort of visitors. Furniture can be chosen simple and functional. The design often uses bright colors and natural materials.

Choosing a style for a cafe interior
When arranging a cafe, you can use almost any direction. The most common styles are:

1. Classic. A simple and discreet style helps create a comfortable atmosphere. This direction is suitable for cafes where visitors spend a lot of time socializing. Wooden furniture decorated with decorative elements is used. The design is dominated by shades of brown.
2. Minimalism. Suitable for decorating fast food establishments and canteens. Such an interior does not require large expenditures and at the same time helps to create a comfortable atmosphere for visitors. You can complement the decor with several decorative elements in the form of paintings or unusually shaped lamps.
3. Modern style. The cafe design project can be supplemented with elements from other directions. Modern style involves a wide variety in the choice of finishing materials, accessories and furnishings.
4. Loft. This direction is suitable for decorating a large area cafe with high ceilings. You can also create a bar interior in a loft style.
5. High-tech. The interior in this style is distinguished by an abundance of metal, shiny and chrome parts. The cafe project allows for a combination of artificial and natural materials.

Colors and lighting
When choosing a color scheme for interior decoration, it is important to consider the impact of each shade on a person. Family and children's cafes should be decorated in warm and bright colors. For cafe-restaurants, neutral and restrained shades are often used. To dilute the overall color scheme, you can add several contrasting accents.

Different cafe design styles require an individual approach to the choice of lighting. The most commonly used scheme is one that includes general light and spotlights near each table. The lighting should not be too bright. Using light, you can also highlight individual areas, for example, a dance floor or a bar counter. Lighting fixtures of unusual shape can become not only a functional item, but also part of a decorative design.

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